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Traffic and road conditions (Croatia)

HAK - Traffic and road conditions

Tue, 07 Apr 2020 18:12:56 GMT

Traffic and road conditions

(Tue, 07 Apr 2020 18:12:56 GMT)

Due to a traffic accident on the A1 motorway between Ogulin junction and Mala Kapela tunnel at Modruš rest area (101st km) one lane is free only in each direction. Due to another one on the A3 Bregana-Lipovac motorway at Staro Petrovo Selo rest area in direction Bregana the driving speed has to be reduced. Strong wind is blowing on the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway between Kikovica and Delnice junctions (driving speed limit). According to the decision of the Civil Protection Team all Croatian inhabitants have to stay in their place of residence, travelling is allowed only to persons with a permission. On the A6 Rijeka-Zagreb motorway at Kikovica junction in direction Zagreb one lane is free only, at Oštrovica and Vrata junctions (towards the coast and Fužine) as well as on the DC3 state road between Lučice and Kikovica junctions in direction Rijeka all traffic is closed due to traffic control. During the day difficulties can occur in roadwork areas. Drivers are asked to adjust the driving speed to road conditions and to keep the safety distance. Roadworks in progress: A2 Zagreb-Macelj motorway: -at Vidovci tunnel one lane is free only in each direction till 17 April; A3 Zagreb detour road:-at Sava bridge (most Sava) between Kosnica and Ivanja Reka junctions one lane is free only in each direction till 27 April (driving speed limit of 40 km/h); - temporary traffic signals at Jankomir junction; - traffic is closed at Lučko junction in/from direction Blato/Lučko on the DC1 state road till 15 April; A3 Bregana-Lipovac motorway: -at Novska jug and sjever rest areas transit freight traffic is allowed only; A4 Zagreb-Goričan motorway: -24th-34th km between Ludbreg and Varaždin junctions one lane is free only in each direction; Varaždin rest area is closed in direction Zagreb till 29 May; A8/A9 highway in Istria: -between Rogovići and Vranja junctions one lane is free only due to roadworks; -at Ivoli exit traffic is suspended from direction Rijeka; -tonight (7 April) 10pm-6am at Učka tunnel one lane is free only. Abnormal load: -6 and 7 April from 8pm on the section: Zagreb-DC1-Rakov Potok-Draganić-Ilovac-Karlovac-Banija-Vukova Gorica-Bosanci-Zdihovo-Severin na Kupi-Stubica-Dobra-Skrad-Kupjak-A6 motorway-Oštrovica junction-Kikovica junction-DC3-Soboli-Buzdohanj-Svilno-Orehovica-Banska Vrata-Rijeka.

Border crossings

(Tue, 07 Apr 2020 18:12:56 GMT)

At the following border crossings transit freight traffic is allowed:-at Bregana and Macelj (with Slovenia); -at Goričan and Duboševica (with Hungary); -at Nova Sela, Stara Gradiška and Slavonski Šamac (with Bosnia and Herzegovina); -at Bajakovo (with Serbia). Transit passengers information, if travelling through Republic of Croatia: -use motorways only; -use the following rest areas only: Novska jug, Novska sjever, Kozjak jug, Prokljan sjever, Draganić sjever, Draganić jug, Bačva and Ravna Gora; -during breaks keep distance between You and other people; -obey the rules of Civil protection or police officers. At all border crossings with Croatia inbound traffic is allowed only to Croatian citizens (14-day isolation mandatory) as well as for some special groups of people, such as medical personnel, scientists, eldercare personnel, cross-border workers, freight traffic, diplomats, police officers, civil protection teams, international organizations members, militaries and transit passengers. At the border crossings with Hungary, Serbia and Montenegro traffic is closed for all vehicles, except for the citizens of these countries as well as for freight vehicles. Traffic is suspended at the following border crossings with Slovenia: Lucija, Slum, Vele Mune, Lipa, Prezid II, Zamost, Blaževci, Prilišće, Pravutina, Obrež, Vivodina, Kašt, Novo Selo Žumberačko, Kraj Donji, Gornji Čemehovec, Draše, Plavić, Luke Poljanske, Mali Tabor, Klenovec Humski, Gornja Voća, Preseka, Sveti Martin na Muri, Čabar, Cvetlin, Zlogonje, Banfi. Due to roadworks traffic is closed at the following border crossings: -at Goričan border crossing, detour: Goričan junction-ŽC2026-DC3; -at Dvor and Vitaljina border crossings - open only to passenger traffic; -at Gunja border crossing - there is a traffic ban on freight vehicles and buses. Due to traffic bans on freight vehicles in Slovenia long delays should be expected in freight traffic at Bregana/Obrežje and Macelj/Gruškovje border crossings starting 1 June.

Ferry traffic

(Tue, 07 Apr 2020 18:12:56 GMT)

In ferry traffic there are no difficulties. According to the decision of the Civil Protection Team all Croatian inhabitants have to stay in their place of residence, travelling is allowed only to persons with a permission. The following ships operate only: Mali Lošinj-Unije-Srakane Vele-Susak, Ilovik-Mrtvaška, Rava-Mala Rava-Veli Iž-Mali Iž-Zadar, Vrgada-Pakoštane-Biograd, Krapanj-Brodarica, Vodice-Prvić-Šepurine-Prvić Luka-Zlarin-Šibenik, Komiža-Biševo, Suđurađ-Lopud-Koločep-Dubrovnik. Reduced journeys on some local lines due to COVID-19 complications, however the following lines operate (till 30 April): RIJEKA area: 332 Valbiska-Merag: departure from Merag: 5am, 6.30am, 12.30pm, 3pm, 7pm; departure from Valbiska: 5.45am, 7.15am, 1.30pm, 3.45pm, 8pm; 334 Brestova-Porozina: no journeys; 335 Prizna-Žigljen: departure from Prizna: 7.10am, 11.10am, 3.10pm, 8.10pm; departure from Žigljen: 7.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm, 6.30pm; 338 Valbiska-Lopar: departure from Lopar: 6am; departure from Valbiska: 6.20pm; ZADAR area: 431 Zadar-Preko: departure from Zadar: 7.30am, 11.30am, 3.30pm, 6pm, 8.45pm; departure from Preko: 7am, 10.30am, 12.15pm, 4pm, 6.40pm; 432 Biograd-Tkon: departure from Tkon: 7.25am, 9.30am, 1.20pm, 6.10pm; departure from Biograd: 8am, 11am, 2.30pm, 6.40pm; 434 Brbinj-Zadar: departure from Brbinj: 6am, noon; departure from Zadar: 10am, 4.30pm; ŠIBENIK area: 505 Vodice-Šepurine-Prvić Luka-Zlarin-Šibenik: departure from Vodice: 4.45am, noon; departure from Šibenik: 9.30am, 3.30pm; SPLIT area: 604 Split-Vela Luka-Ubli: departure from Ubli: 4.30am; departure from Split: 3pm; 606 Drvenik Veli-Drvenik Mali-Trogir: departure from Drvenik Veli: 6am; departure from Trogir: 3.30pm; 631 Split-Supetar: departure from Split: 6.15am, 11am, 2.15pm, 6.15pm; departure from Supetar: 6.30am, 10.30am, 12.30pm, 3.30pm; 632 Drvenik-Sućuraj: departure from Sućuraj: 6.30am, 1pm, 6pm; departure from Drvenik: 8am, 1.45pm, 7pm; 634 Orebić-Dominče: departure from Dominče: 7am, 11.10am, 2.10pm, 5.40pm, 8pm; departure from Orebić: 7.20am, 11.30am, 2.30pm, 8.30pm; 635 Split-Stari Grad: departure from Split: 8.30am, 6.30pm; departure from Stari Grad: 5.30am, 3.30pm; 636 Split-Rogač: departure from Rogač: 5.30am, 10am, 5.30pm; departure from Split: 6.45am, 11.15am, 8.30pm; 638 Makarska-Sumartin: no journeys; DUBROVNIK area: 807 Dubrovnik-Lopud-Koločep-Suđurađ: departure from Suđurađ: 6am, 11.55am; departure from Dubrovnik: 10am, 4.30pm; 831 Dubrovnik-Lopud-Suđurađ: departure from Suđurađ: 8am; departure from Dubrovnik: 3pm; 832 Prapratno-Sobra: departure from Prapratno: 7am, 5pm; departure from Sobra: 6am, 3pm. The following lines operate regularly: RIJEKA area: 310 Mali Lošinj-Srakane Vele-Unije-Susak-Mali Lošinj; ZADAR area: 401 Zadar (Gaženica)-Ist-Olib-Silba-Premuda-Mali Lošinj; 433 Zadar (Gaženica)-Rivanj-Sestrunj-Zverinac-Molat-Ist; 435 Zadar (Gaženica)-Bršanj (Iž)-Rava-Mala Rava; ŠIBENIk area: 532 Šibenik-Zlarin-Obonjan-Kaprije-Žirje; SPLIT area: 602 Split-Vis; 633 Ploče-Trpanj (Pelješac). Split-Ancona international line does not operate till 1 April, Dubrovnik-Bari till 19 April 2020. Till 1 June 2020 401 Zadar (Gaženica)-Ist-Olib-Silba-Premuda-Mali Lošinj ferry does not embark at Silba port due to roadworks.

Traffic restrictions for lorries

(Tue, 07 Apr 2020 18:12:56 GMT)

Traffic events on map
Traffic events are geolocated and can be seen on interactive map.
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Traffic map See Traffic flow and road conditions as well as Roadworks!

Useful telephone numbers

(Tue, 07 Apr 2020 18:12:56 GMT)

Roadside assistance service: + 385 1 987, +385 1 4693 700 Traffic conditions: +385 1 464 0800

Traffic forecast for tomorrow

(Tue, 07 Apr 2020 18:12:56 GMT)

for 8 April 2020 Due to low temperatures roads can be very slippery, especially bridges and viaducts. Due to strong wind there can be traffic restrictions on some vehicles on the DC8 Adriatic road.  At the border crossings with Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia there can be long delays in freight traffic in both directions. In ferry traffic problems are expected for wind too. Drivers are asked to adjust the driving speed to road conditions, to keep the safety distance and not to start the journey without the winter equipment. Till 15 April 2020 winter equipment is mandatory on the roads with frequent winter conditions.  You can check the current road conditions online on www.hak.hr , in our app (Croatia Traffic Info) or at + 385 1 46 40 800; for roadside assistance call: + 385 1 987. Have a pleasant journey!

Ref.: HAK